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About Us

The story behind the company

It all started with a European Project on ecological (say biobased) binders. Bôke and myself were partners in the Consortium, he as Wood Technologist and binder expert, myself as business developer. The natural match was obvious and resulted some years later in the creation of Orineo. Our ultimate goal was clear: become active participants in the biobased economy. The route to the goal was foggier. Food and/or non-food? Trading or own creation? Building blocks or formulations? Based on our skills, our interests and above all the market opportunities, we started to scratch out our options. Food gone, trading gone, building blocks gone. Remain the design, development, production and marketing of proprietary non-food formulations made with renewable feedstock.


In 2013 we started to develop biobased glues, on specific demand of customers, along with first exploratory work towards novel biobased materials ‘that are looking good’. In May 2014, we exhibited some of our creations at the SINAL exhibition in Northern France, an exhibition fully dedicated to biobased materials. The feedback we received on our prototype biomaterials with a ‘sensual dimension’ was so positive that we decided to start the industrial development of these materials. In 2015 we created our biomaterial brand, Touch of Nature® (www.touchofnature.eu). Commercialization of these materials is also starting in 2015.

The story behind the founders
Philippe Willems, founder and director of Orineo

Looking for the solutions that nature designed in million of years of evolution; using the natural functionality of polymers and metabolites as found in micro-organisms, plants and animals; unraveling the beauty of nature in novel materials; contributing actively in a better world; mixing these ingredients into a business activity. These are the passions that pushed me into a life dedicated to the biobased economy. An engineering degree in agricultural sciences, 15 years spent in various business development positions in the agro-industry, another 10 years in business consulting activities brought me the skills to realize these passions. It now all comes together in Orineo, where I have the opportunity to create new biobased materials, develop commercial strategies and alliances with other companies, promote these products in the market.


Contact Philippe: +32 475 801 602   phw@orineo.com

Bôke Tjeerdsma, partner and co-founder Orineo

Designing building and interior products with alternative materials from nature in order to redesign synthetic products from our daily life into warm natural and appealing products; improving the technical performances and developing products meeting the premier requirements. This ambition has directed me during my 20 years to learn and become a natural material technologist. Starting with a degree in Forestry I specialized my education in timber technology to explore the possibilities of one of the most beautiful material nature has provided us, wood. Inspired by the use of natural materials in industrial production processes and products, the use of new kinds of natural materials came under my attention and into development of new innovative products. Besides the use of wood my experiences expanded to explore the use of bio-resins, bio-fibers and bio-fillers in industrial production processes and into new building and interior products. Ultimately a company like Orineo was set up in which I could better realize these ambitions, use my expertise and giving it foundation by successful commercialization together with allied partners in the market.


Contact Bôke: +31 6 54 31 48 71   bt@orineo.com


We design, we develop, we produce, we supply biobased formulations for glues and materials.

  • Design

    • Renewable alternatives for your products
    • Serving suppliers
    • New applications in materials
    • Upcycling sidestreams


    Developing a proprietary range of intermediate materials such as seamless floors, desktops, panels, sheets with novel use of biobased fillers and binders.


    To produce our product, we are relying on our expertise of the biobased market place:
    • To source the right ingredients
    • To capture the market trends
    • To ally with technology suppliers
    • To produce our formulations


    Our ambition is to sell a comprehensive range of biobased formulations for the adhesive industry and branded biomaterials for the construction, transport and leisure industry.


Biobased glues.

We are primarily developing biobased glues as alternative to synthetic glues used to bind vegetable granules and chips, such as cork granules, bark chips, wood chips. Also synthetic or man-made granules such as PS and PLA granules used in insulation can be glued with our biobased glues.

Depending on the requirements we can develop glues that are:

  • permanent or temporarily
  • rigid or resilient
  • water resistant or water soluble
  • biodegradable or non-degradable


The biomaterials developed by Orineo are grouped under the Touch of Nature® brand. They are designed to stimulate the ratio (suited for the job), the emotion (nice looking, nice touch) and the intuition (a honest story behind the material and the raw materials).

In our range, we propose formulations for seamless floors, for table-tops, for furniture finishing and interior design.

Next to branding, these developments are also protected by patent applications.

Contact Us

Please contact us

Acaciastraat 14


(+32) 475 801 602
(+32) 2 759 33 10


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