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We’ve created the first 100% biobased binding agent for you

  • The Art

    OriBond, the first 100% biobased thermosetting binding agent to make your material even more durable.

  • The Technology

    OriBond is optimized to be a drop-in thermoharder, meeting the requirements of the industrial production of your material.

  • The Process

    We only offer you the best possible version of our product. Therefor we are continuously looking for improvements.

  • The Business

    We love to enter into a co- development to match OriBond to the needs of your business.
    Please contact us.


Bio-based thermosetting resin

We are developing fully bio-based thermosetting resins for multiple applications:
agglomerated panels, High Pressure Laminates, composites, coatings, foams,
adhesives, etc.

Now available:


a 2-component (resin + hardener) thermosetting binder system

  • 100% derived from annual plants
  • non-toxic ingredients: clean label policy, excluding GHS06, 08 and 09 pictograms
  • water resistant
  • versatile curing conditions (from room temperature to 180°C)
  • suited for agglomerated panels, high pressure laminates and fiber reinforced composites


a 2-component (resin + hardener) thermosetting foaming system

  • 100% derived from annual plants
  • non-toxic ingredients: clean label policy, excluding GHS06, 08 and 09 pictograms
  • water resistant
  • versatile curing conditions (from room temperature to 180°C)
  • ranges from flexible to rigid foams


a 2-component (resin + hardener) thermosetting protective coating system

  • 100% derived from annual plants
  • non-toxic ingredients: clean label policy, excluding GHS06, 08 and 09 pictograms
  • water resistant
  • versatile curing conditions (from room temperature to 180°C)
  • suited for paper, wood, metal, textile and concrete coating

Touch of Nature ®

a 2-component (resin + hardener) thermosetting aesthetic system

  • 100% derived from annual plants
  • Combination of OriCoat with food- and agro-industry waste such as berry skins,
    orange peelings, coffee grounds, oat hulls and coconut husks, etc.
  • effective upcycling of biomass into aesthetic materials with unique warm and
    resilient touch
  • non-toxic ingredients: clean label policy, excluding GHS06, 08 and 09 pictograms
  • water resistant
  • versatile curing conditions (from room temperature to 120°C)
  • suited for durable applications such as table-tops, furniture finishing, interior
    design and floors

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About Us

The DNA: plant-based, non-toxic and non-

It all started with a European Project on ecological bio-based binding agents. We
were partners in the Consortium, Bôke as Wood Technologist and binding expert,
Philippe as business developer. This natural match resulted in the creation of Orineo.
Some years later, Lieven joined us bringing his expertise in partnership negotiations,
IP management and corporate financing. Our ultimate goal: become leading players
in the biobased economy.

  • By creating exciting bio-based resins (nowadays we call them plantbased resins)
  • By using exclusively non-toxic and non-persistent feedstock
  • By capitalizing on the complementarity of our Team
  • By mobilizing the entire value chain to produce and supply those plantbased


  • 2013: starting bio-based glue development, along with first exploratory work towards novel bio-based materials  with attractive visual and tactile qualities
  • 2014: first exhibition with 3 prototypes. The feedback we received on our prototype agromaterial with a ‘sensual dimension’ was so positive that we decided to start the industrial development of this concept.
  • 2015: creation of our brand, Touch of Nature® (www.touchofnature.eu).
  • 2016: the first recognition! Orineo won the prestigious Bio-based Material of the Year Award for its bio-based Touch of Nature® material at the 9th International Conference on Bio-Based Materials organized by Nova Institut.
  • 2017: first small commercial projects. Learning curve in action!
  • 2018: a formulation breakthrough. OriBond, the first 100% thermosetting binding system completes our range.
  • 2019: upscaling to industrial availability
  • 2020: validation of OriBond in various applications
  • 2020: opening of the Orineo Technical Center in Elst, The Netherlands
  • 2021: recurring sales

Vision, Values and Purpose

Vision for the World
A world of abundant resources, circulated effectively for the wellbeing of all species

Values we love to share
Welcome change – Value regrowability – Respect imperfection

Purpose to realise with our stakeholders

  • Imagine, develop and deliver new-to-the-world biobased materials
  • Integrate a ‘When “Waste” Becomes Design’ program
  • Exchange experiences for the benefit of the community
  • Bring economic sustainability into the biobased reality

Orineo in a sustainable world

Orineo enrolls in circular vision of a sustainable world. Central in this vision is the concept of ‘borrowing’: We believe that we are just borrowing feedstock from Nature, feedstock we have to return in an integer and safe way to Nature at the end of the economical life.


Oribond Loop

Our Team

Philippe Willems, founder and director of Orineo
Philippe Willems, founder and director of Orineo

Looking for the solutions that nature designed in million of years of evolution; using the natural functionality of polymers and metabolites as found in micro-organisms, plants and animals; unraveling the beauty of nature in novel materials; contributing actively to a better world; mixing these ingredients into a business activity. These are the passions that pushed me towards a life dedicated to the bio-based economy. An engineering degree in agricultural sciences, 15 years spent in various business development positions in the agro-industry, another 10 years in business consulting activities have brought me the skills to realize these passions. Now, it all comes together in Orineo, where I have the opportunity to create new bio-based materials, develop commercial strategies and alliances with other companies and promote these products in the market.


Contact Philippe: +32 475 801 602   phw@orineo.com

Bôke Tjeerdsma, partner and co-founder Orineo
Bôke Tjeerdsma, partner and co-founder Orineo

Designing building and interior products with alternative materials from nature in order to redesign synthetic products from our daily life into warm natural and appealing products; improving the technical performances and developing products meeting the premier requirements. This ambition has directed me over 20 years to learn and become a natural material technologist. Starting with a degree in Forestry, I specialized in timber technology to explore the possibilities of one of the most beautiful material nature has provided us, wood. Inspired by the use of natural materials in industrial production processes and products, the use of new kinds of natural materials came to my attention to create innovative new products. Besides the use of wood my experience expanded to explore the use of bio-resins, bio-fibers and bio-fillers in industrial production processes and into new building materials and interior products. For me, Orineo is the vehicle through which I can realize these ambitions and achieve successful commercialization for my ideas.


Contact Bôke: +31 6 29 47 78 33   bt@orineo.com

Lieven De Smedt, Chairman of the board
Lieven De Smedt, Chairman of the board

With over 30 years of experience in Business positions in international Agro and Chemical companies and at C-level in the BioTech sector, I made the step to the boardroom of BioTech companies back in 2015. My passion was and still is to bring promising technologies into a sustainable business and to work together with high-tech passionate people to make it happen.

Over the years, I have been in almost all phases of a company and saw how an organization, and its stakeholders, responded to this and how a Board of Directors (and by extension the Corporate Governance) can make a difference indeed. I look forward to bring this experience into the Orineo boardroom and join the team to grow this beautiful Venture.


Contact Lieven: lds@orineo.com

Contact us

Please contact us

Acaciastraat 14


(+32) 475 801 602
(+32) 2 759 33 10


Or drop us an e-mail